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The mission of TRYSA is to increase the participation and skill level of soccer in Nash and surrounding counties through player and coaching development. We aspire to not only to develop their skills on and around the field, but to develop their character as well. We champion sportsmanship and ethical behavior above all else.


Originally founded in 1986 as RMAYSA (Rocky Mount Area Youth Soccer Association), we have over 25 years experience developing soccer players and coaches. We are now partnered with the City of Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department. Together we have players participating in soccer at levels from U4 recreational to U18 classic. TRYSA is a member of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA). We are proud to partner with the city of Rocky Mount and offer the following levels of soccer:

  • Academy: This is the beginner level of select soccer. Teams are only formed at the U8 & U10 ages (see age chart on the tryout registration page) with players that are considered more skilled than the average recreational player. At this level, individual skill building is the main focus to prepare the player for the Challenge and Classic levels. Teams still travel to other cities to play against other academy teams. Our academy program is completely managed by the City of Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department.

  • Challenge: The competition for Challenge level soccer is higher than recreational and academy levels, but it is still considered a developmental level. Teams play against teams in the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL). The average travel requirement for Challenge league play is about 1 hour for 8 games per season. The Challenge level provides a good step into a more competitive format.
  • Select Program: This is a hybrid program that allows both registered Challenge and Classic teams to participate in the same competition. The goal is to provide a place for Challenge teams who do not have a viable scheduling league as well as those Classic level teams who were not quite ready for Classic 2nd Division competition. Teams are grouped regionally at the state level and will play both home and away games. There is no promotion or relegation from this level. Travel times depend on the regional groupings.
  • Classic: Classic level soccer is for the serious players. It requires significant commitment year round and is divided into 3 categories.
  • Classic 2nd Division: This is the entry level of classic soccer. Teams play other teams from the eastern half of North Carolina in league play which is organized on a state level. It requires some longer travel times (approximately 90 minutes average) for 4 to 5 games per season with the remaining matches at home. Teams cannot be relegated, but they must earn promotion to go to the “Open” division.
  • Classic Open: This is the intermediate level of classic soccer. Teams at this level have been promoted from the 2nd Division Classic level. The competition is higher and the travel requirements are more for away matches. They can play anywhere from the coast to the Piedmont.
  • Classic Premier: This is the elite level of classic soccer in North Carolina. Teams in this group have proven themselves to be among the best in the state and can be required to travel anywhere in North Carolina for an away match.

Visit the Tar River Youth Soccer Association website for more information.


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